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Bayern topples Aberdeen

Roberto celebrates with teammates after scoringBayern came out in style yesterday to defeat Aberdeen 5-1 pushig them into the final sixteen. What I seen yesterday is the reason that I became a huge fan of this team. They were aggressive. They were in tune and they played a beautiful game. We got an amazing glimpse of the old Lukas Podolski as he came out and dominated in every facet. He was all over the pitch. One minute he's in the midfield, the next he's down the left flank then he's shooting up the middle.

I am really not a fan of Lucio, but yesterday I almost could've been. This game though, was custom made me for me. All of my favorites scored. I knew while watching the game late last night that it was only a matter of time before both Lukas and Mark scored for as hard as the two of them were trying to get that ball into the net. van Buyten made a beautiful header to get himself a goal. Lukas scored two. Mark scored one. It was a great game.

During the session, some of the things that the commentators said that were most impressive to me was that when van Bommel scored, they said 'that goal was the least impressive thing that he's accomplished out there tonight and that's saying a lot'. I have to agree. He was, as usual, a great midfield general. They also talked about how many people felt that it was time for him to retire when he was with Barca even though he was still young, but Bayern picked him up and managed to steal an asset for their team. Again, I have to agree. He has some good years of football left in him. The thing with Mark van Bommel is this; you hate him when you play against, but when he's playing for your team, you can't help but love him.

The other topic of discussion was the Toni/Klose/Podolski angle. In which it was agreed upon that between the three, Lukas probably has the most talent. The question they posed, and an interesting one at that, is does Bayern have the patience to let him hone it to an art form like Klose has? We'll have to wait and see.

Things I was glad to see during this match: Lukas' return to form. Lukas scoring. Mark scoring. Daniel scoring. Marcell Jansen with his new haircut. The team meshing well and trying to play some serious football.

Things I was disappointed in: Willy Sagnol's hair. Scratch that, Willy Sagnol. Period.

Breakdown of goals and yellows:
: Lucio (12'), van Buyten (36'), Podolski (71'), Podolski (77'), Lovell (83'), van Bommel (85')
: Maybury (11'), Walker (27'), Aluko (35'), Nicholson (42'), Mackie (56'), Kroos (64')

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