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Bayern - Hoffenheim; Second Half

Here we go again. Goal number 18 for Ibisevic. Just four minutes after the restart Hoffenheim go up 1-0 and dd Rensing move, nope not at all. Way to stand around and defend your goal. Sometimes that kid frustrates me to no end. Rensing got a yellow. It's an interesting game when the calm one on the pitch is Mark.

This half is a mess. Borowski is warming up at the 60th minute. Klinsmann has to do something to settle this team down and get them back on track. I'm really curious why the announcer calls the players the way he does sometimes. Belgian Bull.. I've heard Daniel called a lot of things, but never that. I like it. ;) Boro came on for Schweini.

Lahm scored a gorgeous 40 yard goal bringing Bayern an Hoffenheim even 1-1. He was pretty much smothered by the team and I can't say I blame them. Shortly after, it was Ribery's turn to shove someone. The ref had to have a talk with all the players involved. This is getting ugly. Hoffenheim seems to be getting away with a lot. It's no wonder the Bayern players are resorting to shoving people, but I don't like physical games like that. Toni once again missed an opportunity. He is just having a very hard time getting settled.

Mark keeps getting knocked down and his angry is starting to show, but he's not been as bad as I would've expected in such an aggressive game. Who knew that he'd be the calm, cool, collected one during this game and Miro would be the mean guy?

I'm having a hard time following this with all these fouls every couple seconds here. Hoffenheim had a nice opportunity to go up 2-1, but the ball went just wide. And of course there was another foul shortly after against Hoffenheim, this time by Borowski. At 85 minutes Borowski got a yellow card awarding Hoffenheim a free kick.

Rensing made up for the first half blunder when he he stopped a great play that should've been a goal for Hoffenheim. Luca Toni finally scored and made it 2-1 for Bayern and had some weird celebration where he shot the whole team. O.o

Now I am going to go calm my nerves after Bayern picked up a win in a very tumultuous game.

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