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The Bayern Rundown; sixth edition

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I haven't blogged since Wolfsburg and I apologize for that. I will tell you all up front I am having some medical issues and treatment for such issues that pretty much drain me for a couple days and it just so happens that my treatments fall on Tuesday and Friday so they're generally the day before a match. Go figure! Enough about me. Let's get to the reason I am here.

With some back to back wins, Bayern have moved up the table to reach third in the table. This puts them just behind Leverkusen and top of the table Hoffenheim.

Bayern face off with AC Fiorentina in the Champions League on Wednesday, but have to do so without the likes of Luca Toni. Unfortunately Luca's recovery isn't going as planned so he will miss the away trip to Fiorentina. Klinsmann says that "Luca is continuing to receive intensive treatment from the medical unit. We hope to see him back in the team as soon as possible."

Things are looking up for the lovely Miroslav Klose. On Saturday, The first day of the eleventh month, Klose and company took on Armenia Bielfeld and he scored his 111th goal. Scoring his 111th goal means that the student has become the teacher. Klose is now ranked above current Bayern coach Jurgen Klinsmann. One could argue that Klinsmann managed his 110 goals in 221 games while Klose scored his 111th goal in 246 games. The fact remains, a record is a record and Klose now sits 33rd while Klinsmann sits 34th.

Lukas Podolski is once again evaluating his future. He will look, once more, at leaving Bayern in the winter break. Currently, I feel very sorry for him. He has the ability to be a world class footballer, but the stars are never aligned for him. With Luca Toni injured, many of us thought that Poldi would've been the first choice striker, but he was once again benched this past weekend. Despite his discontent, Klinsmann praised his player for taking it in stride and stepping up when he came on at the half during the last match; "He reacted in a very professional manner. He showed the kind of reaction a coach wants to see." Podolski scored a penalty kick for Bayern.

Of his future in Bayern, Poldi said "It is quite normal and justified for me to consider my future in the winter break. I'll have to consider everything in the coming weeks and months." Who can blame him? The bigger story isn't being told, but one can't argue with the reasons for which Poldi really wants to leave. He is trying his hardest to get his message heard, unfortunately no one is listening. Poor love.

Lastly, on the rumor mill is that Bayern are looking to acquire another defender in the form of AC Milan's Daniele Bonera. One thing that concerns me about this rumor is that Bayern are in need of a defender at the moment, but it's a waste to leave the big beautiful Belgian van Buyten on the bench all the time while Lucio and Demichelis continually screw up. I have been very disappointed in Demichelis as of late and that's unusual. Lucio however continues to screw up and I don't see anyone trying to take him out of the game which is incredibly disappointing. Why aren't they using Breno? Why isn't van Buyten being played? I would like to give Klinsmann a stern talking to on a few points lately. ;)

In a perfect world, Klinsmann would start my favorites (van Bommel, van Buyten & Oddo) all the time and Lucio would be forever benched. But alas, we don't live in a world where I get to make the starting line up!