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Catching Up

I took a few days off. I unplugged, disconnected and went away to the mountains in the land of non-existant telephones, cell phone coverage and internet coverage and became one with nature. I took some much needed time away from everyone and everything. I took photos of elk and deer, lakes and sunsets and just completely disconnected from everything. I'm getting pretty good at timing my disappearing acts with Mark's bench time. Maybe it's fate. ;)

Contrary to popular belief, his Captaincy isn't in jeopardy. Hoeness has even come out and said that the media need to knock it off and stop making so much speculation where there is none. Mark (so they say) has a few issues with this playing style that has to be worked out, but they have no doubt he'll be back in the line in no time. One things for certain, my Dutchie isn't a quitter so I'm sure they sparked a fire in him and before long he'll be back on the pitch where he belongs.

I was more than amused by the many "Klinsi Raus. Go Home!" signs in the stands during the Lyon match. No, I didn't get to see it due to being one with nature and all, but I seen photos. Currently I'm discontent with a team that is a shell of its former self. I long for days when I enjoyed watching them play the beautiful game. Technically sound football. Right now I never know what I'm going to see, what I'm going to get or how embarrassed I'm going to be by their play. I'll stick around because I'm a dedicated fan. I don't leave when the going gets rough. I just get frustrated and throw things. ;) Not really, but there are days lately that I spend a lot of time yelling at my tv screen.

Latest transfer rumor on the market is that Tottenham is ready to splash some cash in Bayern's direction for one of my very favorites, Daniel van Buyten. Mark's on the bench, Daniel's rumored (yet again) to be on his way out, whatever is this girl going to do? I might just have to go on strike and boycott and all that good stuff. Huff and puff and throw things like a girlie girl and swear that if they take away my pretty boys I won't watch anymore. I wonder if anyone would actually care. Not that I'd follow through, I have too much love for my team, but currently I'm not a happy Bayern fan. Actually, I don't know anyone in my Bayern Camp that is a happy Bayern fan.

I am back now and plan to bring everyone back up to date on the happening on and off the pitch in the Bayern camp. I hope you're all well and still sticking with me.

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