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The Bayern Rundown.. returns

Here I am back with another edition of the Bayern Rundown. Things have been pretty messy since the start of the season and it's all doom and gloom and I have to admit, I haven't gotten much enjoyment out of the season, but I love the team and I'm hanging in there. I hope the rest of you are as well.

Some months ago, the team lost Hamit Altintop due to injury. Six months ago he was recovering from a surgery and similar problems occurred. Now, the first bit of good news comes. He is back on track and working his way towards recovery. Altintop has started swimming session and his right foot is handling it all well.

"I'm already in a position to work on my legs and upper body, so that once it comes to running again, I won't be too far behind," he added. "It's getting better and I'm on the right track."

As for a January comeback, Altintop says he will talk it over with the doctors and coaches, but for now he's going to only take it one day at a time.

And as if that weren't enough, Ottmar Hitzfeld thinks Bayern will get back on top despite their rocky start. I wonder if he's watching the same team. I don't think top is actually something that should even be discussed this point. How about just winning a game first?

One more time we're going to hear from Podolski. He's yet again expressing is desire to leave the club. Why am I not surprised? While he says he's fully focused on Bayern in one breath, the next is him saying that he will consider leaving in the January transfer window. He also says that it's better for him in the National team because Jogi Loew believes in his talent as much as he does before again expressing a desire to leave Bayern but still saying he's completely committed to Bayern. I think someone needs to talk to him about what committed means. It doesn't really mean whining and crying about sitting on the bench. Which brings me to the next part about Miroslav Klose saying that Mark is an exemplary leader and how even now when he's benched he doesn't complain. I wonder if that was directed at anyone. ;)

On the Ze Roberto front, there are heavy rumors starting (since my post about his leaving Bayern) that he will indeed be making an MLS move and the front runner in his acquisition is FC Dallas. I will keep you all posted on whatever I find out.

Franck Ribery was crowned Player of The Year with 37.3% of the votes while teammate Luca Toni came in second with 19.3% of the votes. Diego, Rene Adler and Oliver Kahn rounde out the group.

Even Oliver Kahn is worried about his former team. He has said that he's surprised by the form of the team since it is not a team going through renovation and it is, in fact, the same team that won the double last season. Looks like Oli is thinking the same thing as all of us. And the quote that made me an even bigger fan: "A captain cannot do the job he should do when he is sitting on the bench," said van Bommel's successor. "Mark has been undermined." Oli, you make my heart swell. I'm sure that was just a dig at Klinsmann since he doesn't like him, but as the girl that is a big MvB lover, I will take anyone that wants to stand up for my guy.

And despite all the doom and gloom, the Bayern hierarchy have guaranteed Klinsmann a job until at least the end of the season.

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