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The Bayern Friday Five

1. Podolski has finally come out and said that come April/May if things are still the same he will need to have a talk with them. It's about time. Personally, the best thing for Lukas right now would be to get on with his career and make a move to a team that will actually play him instead of leave him sitting on the sidelines looking pretty. He's held down the bench for long enough. It's time that a team find him, get his Polish ass back on the pitch and let him do what everyone knows he's capable of doing. The boy is only 22. He is going to do great things in his career.

2. Franz Beckenbauer has said that he wants Jose Mourinho to step in and take over for the General, Ottmar Hitzfeld when he leaves this summer. The only thing going against him at this point is that he doesn't speak German and the uppers at Bayern have said they will not hire someone that doesn't speak the language. On the flip side of that, Beckenbauer has said there is plenty of time for Mourinho to take a course.

3. The hunt for Pandev is still on. It looks like its pretty much a done deal, even though Lazio says he's not going anywhere. This brings me back to the very first point I made here. It's time for Lukas to cash his way out of Bayern and go make a name for himself, moreso than he's already done. Podolski's response to this has been the expected... if Pandev comes, he's leaving. Who could blame him?

4. Rumors of the transfer/loan of Daniel van Buyten seem to be just that - rumors. Daniel's agent has come forward and said that he hasn't talked to anyone, that there has been no contact from anyone for Daniel and David Moyes has said that currently, they are happy with the players they have.

5. Also in the rumor mill now, Inter are looking at young Bastian Schweinsteiger. Would Bayern let him go? At this point, I'm not sure there is a correct answer. Who knows what the uppers are thinking these days. There's been discussion in the Bayern Camp* that if they let Lahm and Schweini go, they will fall apart. This isn't the case. They played for months without Lahm and I'm sure they'd do just fine without Schweini.

My thoughts: I hate to see any of them go. They're dismantling my team one by one and I am going to be left with a team that I barely recognize when it's all done. My heart would be crushed if Daniel van Buyten left. Again, he deserves the playing time so who could blame him? The dismantle leads me to believe there is a lot more internal turmoil at Bayern than we're aware of. It started when Brazzo left. Then Roy. My team is looking more and more like a shell of a team I use to know. I hope that it all works out in the end.

*Bayern Camp is something that I've affectionately called my circle of friends that are all Bayern supporters.

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