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Bayern 5-2 Wuppertal

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Mark & Miro CelebrateBayern came back in full force tonight with a win over Wuppertal, 5-2. Miroslav Klose gained two more goals. Klose's goals came at the 14 and 27 minute marks, but were both followed by goals from Tobias Damm (at 26 minutes) and Mahir Saglik (at 29 minutes) evening the score to 2-2. At the half, Hitzfeld had some words with his team and evidently it helped because goals followed by Daniel van Buyten, Luca Toni and Hamit Altintop to secure the win. Thus, Bayern earned a spot in the German Cup quarterfinals.

Today's matches saw the defeat of Werder Bremen by Borussia Dortmund, knocking them out of the German Cup. On that subject, all I can say is this is a time that Sebastian Kehl should be remembered for his footballing skills, but probably won't be. Second division Hoffenheim beat Hansa Rostock 2-1 and 1860 Munich beat Almania Aachen 3-2, after overcoming a 2-0 deficit.

I'm looking foward to picking up the season again and seeing where my team will end up.