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Bayern vs Bielefeld: Post match thoughts

I think this might've been one of the most bizarre matches I have ever seen between two teams. Some of the calls were just weird. It was all so crazy and the longer the game went on, the stranger the refs seem to have got. The commentators, however, we're very entertaining. From calling van Buyten the man giant to Oli Kahn being referred to as Queen Mary and Miroslav Klose being a lighthouse... not to mention Offside!Toni* being called a gladiator, the commentators were insanely entertaining today.

There was a gorgeous goal by Franck Ribery. The man is a world class footballer. It's so amazing to watch him on the pitch. From his footwork, to his charisma, to his ability to make some of the better plays out of nothing, it's truly a joy to watch this guy play football.

Offside!Toni also scored, but it was taken back because he was ruled to be... offside.

Klose had a nasty collision with Bielefeld's goalie, Hain, and while he was knocked loose and seemed a bit disoriented they left him in for the final minute of play of the first half. He was replaced at the half and we hope all is okay with him. It clearly wasn't Klose's fault, but it looked painful none the less and we hope everything will be okay for him.

Bielefeld held Bayern pretty well and it should've been a 2-1 game at least, but no matter what Bielefeld tried, they couldn't seem to find the net. They had some gorgeous chances, but never were able to follow through.

This game brought about a very aggressive Mark van Bommel again and how he avoided a yellow is beyond me. He got incredibly angry at one point in the second half and was yelling all over the place rather crankily. I was waiting for him to start stomping his feet and throwing a tantrum equivalent to a two year old boy whose just gotten his candy taken away. He's still got a touch of that aggressiveness that I know and love.

And all in all, you can't forget the defense that Bayern has. Today they were class. Bielefeld tried their hardest and some of their shots definitely should've found their way into the net, but two things happened in Bayern's favor. Either Bielefeld's shot's were off the mark or, in top notch fashion, Oliver Kahn made some incredible saves. Today was just Bayern's day.

* - Offside!Toni is something that a few of us in the Bayern camp have started to call Luca for his chronic illness of being called offside.

Moments of the match:

Photos from Yahoo!Sports

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