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Bayern 0 - 0 Hertha

This morning GolTV showed the Bremen Boxing Club first and as I waited for the Bayern match, I watched that game get ugly really fast. I was waiting for people to start throwing down, and they nearly did. Bremen walked away with a victory.

The Bayern match was... ugly. I am getting more and more frustrated with every match that I have the agony of watching. It seems no matter what they do, nothing quite finds the back of the net. Podolski tried everything when he was standing around. There was a perfect chance for a goal if Poldi would've passed to Miro who was wide open and had an open net in front of him, but instead he took the shot himself and it went wide. Everything that Mark tried to shoot went wide or high. It was a mess. Bayern had most of the possession, but let me tell you, Hertha wasn't going down without a fight and they played some beautiful defensive football.

Captains for the match were Mark and Hertha's always Captain, Arne Friedrich. Mark always steps in and picks up as a good leader, whether he's wearing the C or not. I don't know what is going on with Bayern, but it seems that something is missing in their play lately. Only a few of the players ever seem to come to play lately. Today was no exception. Mark, Martin, Daniel and Miro were the only ones getting pretty aggressive. Schweini drew a yellow later in the game, though I missed the reason for it.

So Bayern drew against Hertha and now share top spot with Bremen, but are top of the table because of the goal differential. They go into the bundesliga break now and I hope that they will pull themselves together during the off time and get back on track. The break is either going to help or hurt them, but I really hope they come back strong after a rest. Here's hoping anyways.

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