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More on the suspension of Oliver Kahn

And so it comes out. Bayern Munich boss Ottmar Hitzfeld has come forward and said that Kahn had to be punished in order to avoid a "madhouse."

"I had to set an example so everyone at Bayern knows how they're expected to behave" Hitzfeld told a news conference on Wednesday. "Players criticising their team mates must stop. Otherwise we become a madhouse.

"It was time to lay down the law, so that every player knows how he is expected to behave while he is at Bayern Munich" Hitzfeld explained. "The fact it’s Kahn hurts me personally, but I was forced to react."

"Kahn must know he has to set an example to the younger players and at the Christmas party he did not behave well. The captain can't leave early.

"The situation is very clear. I’ve been very, very satisfied with him down the years, I have lots to thank him for, and the club has lots to thank him for. Olli has always been a role model, and he should strive to continue as a role model. I want him to remain an influential personality.

"If I turn a blind eye, how would I be able to discipline players who know the captain’s allowed to get away with it?" Hitzfeld asked.

And since Kahn left the Christmas party early... who stepped in to make the traditional Captain's speech? My favorite... Mark van Bommel. I wonder if this will turn things around in the locker room at Bayern.

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