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The Bayern Rundown...

The weekend seen Bayern grab another draw in a 0-0 game against Duisburg which should've been an easy win for them, but for whatever reason Bayern decided to show up and play lazy football. Aside from Mark van Bommel, Martin Demichelis and Daniel van Buyten, the team was pretty non-existant. Demichelis and van Buyten were definitely the stars of the match, but no matter what they tried, nothing seemed to work out for them. Offside!Toni was his usual offside self and after 4 offsides, I stopped keeping track. Bayern did score a goal, but it was taken away due to ... offsides. Hitzfeld isn't all that happy with his sides performance either. There's another article here. Despite a lackluster performance, Bayern's draw still keeps them top of the table after Bremen suffered a loss.

Highlights from the match:

0-0 Bayern Munich vs. MSV Duisburg Highlights - MyVideo

Mark van Bommel is looking for a return to Holland and the Oranje after Marco van Basten steps down. He would love to play for his National side again, but only if the coach wants him.

I think everyone knows by now that Willy Sagnol is not happy with his place at Bayern and is looking to leave the club. Bayern have said they will let him go if he really wants to go. Rumors say that he and Hitzfeld just don't get along. Speculation is that he'll go to Manchester United.

Now I'm bringing a question to you, my readers. Speculation is high on what is going to happen with young Mr. Podolski. What do you think should happen? Should he stay or go?
My response:
I'm a big fan of Lukas'. In fact, in the world of Bayern, my favorites are van Bommel and Podolski, among others, but van Bommel and Podolski are tops for me. Sadly, I think it would be in Lukas' best interest to leave Bayern. It seems like no matter what he tries he just can't find his place. He works really hard, he gives a pretty decent effort when he's on the pitch, but no matter, he can't pull it off. It's as though fate has stepped in to say 'no this isn't where you belong' and has stopped him from achieving much at Bayern. We all know he's a better footballer than this. That is evident every time he steps on the pitch for the National side. Why is it that when he plays for the National side he is brilliant, but when he is thrown on the pitch for Bayern, it doesn't work? I would hate to see him leave Bayern, but I wish he could play like we all know he can. For whatever reason, he can't seem to find that Podolski class for his team.

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