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Bayern draws against Braga

I didn't get to see this whole match. I had to stream it because it wasn't shown in the US, but from what I seen of the first half, it seems that Bayern is probably lucky that they were able to hold Braga to a draw. It seemed that Braga was a lot more aggressive in the first half and that Bayern didn't quite play up to their standards.

As much as I am a fan of Bayern, I think it is time for them to take a loss. They've gotten far too comfortable and far too relaxed. They haven't been playing good football for some time now. They lay back and miss chances that they should never miss. Offside!Toni got a yellow. So did Mark. I am a fan of van Bommel. And I miss his aggressive style of play now that he's been put into a new role for the team, but yesterday saw some of the old style of van Bommel play. He is my favorite Dutch player.

At the half the score was still 0-0 after a goal at the 22 minute mark by Braga was revoked because of a foul on Lucio. Three minutes after the second half started, Bayern took the lead with a goal by Miroslav Klose. Linz scored Braga's equalising goal at the 67 minute mark. And Willy Sagnol made an appearance, albeit brief.

Snapshots of the day:

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