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Bayern Munich rundown...

Podolski and Bayern round and round.
So a little bit ago, the lovely Uli hit out at young Podolski, urging him to fight for his place at Bayern. I struggle with this because I agree that it is time for Poldi to step up and prove his worth. Everyone knows what he is capable of. His play this season alone for the national side is once more a stark comparison to his team play. I agree that Poldi has some work to do ahead of him, however, how does one prove their worth and improve their play without receiving consistent playing time? Poldi has said that critcism would be warranted if he got regular play for sequential games in a row, but since he doesn't get that, he doesn't know how they can criticize him. Again, I think he's in a tough situation right now. With Klose and Toni his playing time is going to be limited. Altintop is doing amazingly well so he's another that you would have to consider benching in order for Poldi to play. I'm glad I'm not the decision maker for the team. Bremen renewed their interest in taking Poldi from Bayern once more now that Uli has said he has something to prove. Today, Hitzfeld and Poldi have both said a transfer is out of the question.

Bayern will be missing Miroslav Klose for three weeks. He has re-aggravated the injury caused by Naldo during the Bremen game in the match Saturday against Bayer. During training there are moments when he is simply unable to even jog on it so Hitzfeld has said that he will be out for three weeks.

Also missing from Bayern's line will be Captain Kahn. Prior to the Bayer match, Oli injured his elbow in warm up and has been flown to the US on Tuesday (Rochester, Minnesota) to have an operation on his right elbow by specialists at the Mayo Clinic. He will be missing for 4-5 weeks. This will give young Mr. Rensing his opportunity to shine. I do think he is capable of living up to the task, but at the same time, one has to wonder if these injuries will be the kink in Bayern's armour and send them crashing into their first defeat of the season.

Also concerns about Schweinsteiger's availability for Thursday's UEFA cup return leg against Belenenses in Lisbon are coming forth. Evidently, Bastian had to drop out of Tuesday's training with a calf injury. Hitzfeld is unsure if he will be ready for Thursday's match.

Mark van Bommel has a minor injury, but should be okay for Thursday's match. If not, Andi Ottl will play in his place.

Lukas Podolski twisted his ankle in Monday's training and had to sit out on Tuesday, but it looks as though he will be fit for the matches.

And that's all I have for now folks.

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