FC Bayern München vs. VfB Stuttgart | The Fixture

Lars Baron

Bayern München and VfB Stuttgart will meet for the 144th time in official competition when they go head-to-head in the DFB Pokal Final. Here's a look at the all-time fixture, one that spans 83 seasons.

Unlike the fixture against Borussia Dortmund, VfB Stuttgart and FC Bayern Munich's fixture goes back all the way to the 1929/1930 season. The two sides first met in the Süddeutche Meisterschaft that year, with both teams finishing mid-table and unable to advance to the Endrunde. They met twice again in the 1931/32 season, the year that Bayern won their first ever trophy, the Deutsche Meisterschaft.

When the Oberliga came into existence in 1945, both teams were grouped into the Süddeutschland region, where they met 34 times. VfB Stuttgart won the Oberliga Süd three times over the 17 seasons before the Bundesliga, while FC Bayern only made it as high as third. (Full data from the Oberliga years are impossible to find; only final table data are available).

Since then, to say that Bayern dominated Stuttgart is an understatement. What's more is that they have seen a lot of each other; Saturday will be the fourth meeting in the DFB Pokal in the last five years. The two clubs have also shared some big names as well: Jürgen Klinnsmann, Giovane Elber, and Mario Gomez just to name a few.

Here is the rest of the all-time fixture between VfB Stuttgart and FC Bayern München

Record By Competition (After 1963):
Bundesliga: 56 W - 19 D - 17 L
DFB Pokal: 8 W - 1 L
Ligapokal: 3 W - 1 L
DFB Supercup: N/A
UEFA Champions League: N/A

All-time Fixture Goal Scorers:
1. Gerhard Müller, FCB, 15 (Bundesliga 14, DFB Pokal 1)
2. Mario Gomez, VfB/FCB, 14 (Bundesliga 11, DFB Pokal 3)
3. Giovane Elber, VfB/FCB, 12 (Bundesliga 8, Ligapokal 4)
4. Lothar Matthäus, FCB, 10 (All Bundesliga)
5. Fritz Walter Jr., VfB, 10 (Bundesliga 8, DFB Pokal 2)

The Highs (After 1960):

  • Biggest Bayern Win: 6-1 (Bundesliga: September 9, 2012, Allianz Arena, München, Germany)
  • Biggest Stuttgart Win: 3-0 (Bundesliga: April 4, 1968, Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion, Stuttgart, Germany; March 15, 1969, Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion, Stuttgart, Germany; November 14, 1987, Neckarstadion, Stuttgart, Germany; DFB Pokal: November 9, 1989, Neckarstadion, Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Highest-scoring Draw: 3-3 (Bundesliga: August 6, 1977, Neckarstadion, Stuttgart, Germany; November 15, 1988, Olympiastadion, München, Germany; October 15, 1997, Olympiastadion, München, Germany)
  • Highest-scoring Match: 6-3 (DFB Pokal: December 22, 2010, Mercedes-Benz Arena, Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Most Goals Scored, Player: Rainer Ohlhauser, FCB, 3 (Oberliga: November 12, 1961, Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion, Stuttgart, Germany); Roland Wohlfarth, FCB, 3 (DFB Pokal: May 3, 1986, Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany); Mario Gomez FCB, 3 (Bundesliga: December 19, 2010, Allianz Arena, München, Germany)

(Sources: fussballdaten.de and FC Bayern München: Unser Verein, Unser Geschichte)

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