Champions League: Bayern Munich vs Juventus | Instant analysis

Dennis Grombkowski

Bayern beat Juve 2-0 in the first leg of their quarterfinal match.

Bayer Munich put on an impressive display in a 2-0 victory over Juventus in the first leg of their tie in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal. Throughout the match, I noted several things and have them here. We'll have a full recap up a little bit later.

  • Alaba's goal just 26 seconds into the match was a huge let off of pressure that was building around Bayern leading into the match. You could not have asked for a better start to the match.
  • After the goal, Juve came out with a lot of high pressure that allowed them to take control of the match for a few minutes. Aside from a few careless passes out of the back, you have to say that Bayern handled that pressure well and began to find their way back into the game from there.
  • Kroos' injury will be a huge talking point moving forward on the season. The midfielder came off fifteen minutes into the match with a groin injury. Bayern have tweeted that he has suffered an adductor muscle tear. At the moment, it's not known how long he'll be out, but he could be out for the remainder of the season.
  • There are really no bright spots to a player getting injured, but Robben coming onto the field immediately made a huge difference for Bayern. He became a release for the pressure that Juve was exhibiting and allowed Bayern to take control of the match.
  • Would you be shocked if I told you that referee Mark Clattenburg (England) allowed the match to get physical without issuing deserved yellow cards for the entirety of the first half? No. No, you wouldn't.
  • There might have been the hint of offside by Mandzukic on Müller's goal, but he was quick to a rebound and squared to Müller for the easy tap-in for the second goal of the match.
  • Vidal picked up a yellow card halfway through the second half for a handball. It should have been his third yellow of the match. He's suspended for the second leg.
  • Ribery absolutely torched Vidal and Juventus down the left hand side of the field. The Frenchman was in fine form and was constantly causing problems for the Italian team.
  • He was forced to do a lot of dirty work to cover for Alaba who was poor defensively, but how great was Schweinsteiger today? He was a de facto left back for long periods of time as Alaba was up the pitch attacking, but Bastian was fantastic.
  • Mandzukic did well throughout the match at chasing all over the field. He was consistently pressing Juve's back three, and he tracked back into the midfield to take the ball from Pirlo often.
  • Glad to see the pressure from Bayern for the full 90 minute and stoppage time. The goal heading into the match was not to concede at home. Mission accomplished.

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