Intriguing FC Bayern München World Cup Match-Ups Before the Draw

Alexandre Loureiro

With the FC Bayern National Team well represented, some pre-draw player fantasies could become a reality

The World Cup draw is just hours away, and FIFA will soon set the ultimate pyramid of soccer excellence. The FC Bayern National Team is well represented, with Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland all with tickets to the summer Football classic.

While countries grapple over their group possibilities, the fact remains that FC Bayern players could play against each other at the top level, several times. Unfortunately, for the group stage, five of the eight countries the FC Bayern National Team represents are seeded, so the match-ups are somewhat limited. That does not mean that they will not provide an excellent spectacle

Here are some compelling comrade clashes that could come about based on the World Cup draw:

Franck Ribery vs. Philipp Lahm

Just imagine, Ribéry trying to dribble through a double team on the left wing, Lahm sliding in and poking the ball away for a corner. The bout between the two was a 2-1 victory for Germany in early February 2013. Granted, in Germany's recent friendly match against Italy, Lahm paired with Sami Khedira in midfield, so the two might not match up. With any luck, Schweinsteiger will come back to allow Lahm to move back to right back, and he and Ribéry can spar for a few rounds.

Mario Mandžukić vs. Dante

The biggest problem with this match-up is that Dante and David Luiz are competing for a starting spot. Nevertheless, a Dante-Mandzukic match-up could be fun to watch, considering both are skilled in the air. According to, Mandzukic is winning 2.9 of his arial duels, while Dante is winning 2.7 of his. A battle in the box on a corner kick between the two would be an FC Bayern spectacle for Sports Center.

Daniel van Buyten vs. Arjen Robben

While the Dutchman plays usually on either wing, Robben loves to cut inside to take a shot on the opposing goalkeeper. Just ask Jan-Ingwer Callsen-Bracker, who Robben dribbled around before finishing with his left leg in the DFB Pokal. Daniel van Buyten may not be the spriest defender on the park, but his experience allows him to cut down angles before chances get dangerous. The torturous vs. the hair match-up could turn tacitically turbulent, although van Buyten is not guaranteed a spot with Thomas Vermaelen, Vincent Kompany, Jan Vertonghen, and Toby Anderweireld all vying for center back spots.

What FC Bayern player match-up are you interested in seeing? Post in the comments below and tell us what you think!

The FIFA World Cup draw is at 12:00 p.m. EST, and be sure to tune into the SB Nation/KickTV special with Matt Ufford, Jimmy Conrad, and Layla Ann-Lee.

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