Champions League Bracket Competition

Hey all. I thought I would put together a Champions League Bracket Competition in the style that we had for the Euros. This will be set up a little bit differently as there is still another draw to come.


We will start off the competition with everyone predicting the two teams they believe will come out of each group. This will be worth a point for each accurately predicted team. After that, there will be another draw. From that, there will be another chance for us to predict the rest of the competition.

When reaching the knockout rounds, everyone will have a chance to make their predictions through the tournament with the clubs that actually made it into the knockout stages, not necessarily the clubs they predicted. For example, if I predicted Dortmund to make it through but they don't and Man City does instead, my knockout round predictions can include Man City even though I didn't originally predicted them. Does this make sense???


  • Group Stages: 1 Point for each accurately predicted team to make it out of the group stages. 2 points for the correct order. For example: If I predict Schalke to come in first in their group and Arsenal to come in second and that is what happened, I would get 4 points. If it was the opposite (Arsenal first, Schalke second) I would get 2 Points. If Arsenal were to come first and Olympiakos came second, I would have 1 Point. If Schalke were first and Olympiakos were second, I would have two points.
  • Round of 16: 3 Points for each accurately predicted team
  • Quarterfinals: 5 Points for each accurately predicted team
  • Semifinals: 7 Points for each accurately predicted team
  • Finals: 10 Points for accurately predicting the winner. If we should get to the final and no one has accurately predicted the two team to make it that far, we might make an adjustment like accurately predicting the final score or something like that.
  • Accurately predicting the Golden Boot winner: 10 points


I stole this off of Phil's post. Hope you don't mind! I was too lazy to write them all out again!

A – Porto .. Kiev .. PSG ..Dinamo Zagreb
B – Arsenal .. s04 .. Olympiakos .. Montpelier
C – Milan .. Zenit .. Anderlecht .. Malaga
D – Madrid .. Man City .. Ajax .. Dortmund
E – Chelsea .. Shakhtar D .. Juve .. Nords
F – Bayern .. Valencia .. Lille .. BATE
G – Barca .. Benfica .. Spartak .. Celtic
H – Man U .. Braga .. Galatasaray … CFR Cluj

Final Notes:

  • All predictions need to be in by the first game played (September 18th) After that, no changes will be permitted until we reach the Knockout Stages Draw
  • I am toying with the idea of having small prediction games going on for each of the match days. This is what I was thinking, please let me know if you would be open to this idea. I was thinking that about a week before each match day I would post a thread where people can predict the winners of each match played. For each correctly predicted match, you would get .25 of a point. I know that seems small, but each match day has 16 matches so if you predicted them all right, that would be 4 points. There are 6 match days so a possible 24 additional points. Plus this will help prevent things like ties when we get to the finals. Additionally, I like this idea because otherwise there will be no updates until mid-December and that seems boring to me.
  • Any questions? Please post below. Any suggestions? I am open to all suggestions and changes. I really just came up with most of this off of the top of my head using the format Phil set up for the Euros.

Predictions Received From:

  1. KateL
  2. BabyBrey
  3. Gilly
  4. Nishant33
  5. Twinkle
  6. Cousin_Drew
  7. BayernMan
  8. Smartguy
  9. Vrdo4ever
  10. Khaveen
  11. Adebayo
  12. Rohit Bhatta
  13. HenryBayernMalta
  14. Suleiman Kano
  15. Sportsfan1
  16. Ibonier
  17. grudnik

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bavarian Football Works readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bavarian Football Works editors or staff.

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