Notes from Camp

ARCO, ITALY - JULY 19: Arjen Robben of Bayern reacts during a charity campaign for visually impaired people during day five of the Bayern Muenchen pre-season training camp at Arco Stadium on July 19, 2012 in Arco, Italy.

FC Bayern's training camp rolls on from the beautiful hills of the Trentino province. Many of the German players, though, are just starting to make their way to camp, and Ribery will be skipping the trip entirely, focusing on a personalized training session back in Germany.

Here's a few happening from the past few days:

- Bayern beat a side made up of Trentino locals by a final of 11-0. Robben had a hat trick, and Alaba and new boy Mandukic also got on the score sheet. Some highlights:

- Anatoliy Tymoschuk gave an interview in which he expressed some doubts as to his future with Bayern. Tymo says that he has offers from several Russian clubs, and there are also rumors that one or two Italians clubs might be after him. Considering how well he played in the Champions League final, even though he wasn't even playing at his natural position, he certainly has something left in the tank. Even if he's not in the starting line-up, he's surely one of the first CMs off the bench, and can also deputize at a few other positions. This is where squad rotation is important: if we can offer Tymo an occasional start, as well as a few substitute opportunities, he's less likely to want to leave. Whereas if he sits on the bench for weeks at a time, you can't really blame him for wanting to go where he might start.

At the same time, it's important to note that he didn't really say anything inflammatory. He just said "maybe I'll stay in Munich, I really don't know this right now." It's not like he made any controversial demands.

- Looks like the Javi Martinez move is off. Chairman Rummy gave an interview in which he said that Bilbao was unwilling to drop below the 40 million Euro demand. I imagine an offer of 30 million would probably get them to budge, but even that's a huge price tag for a guy who's relatively unproven on the club football stage.

- Jupp Heynckes is no longer a young man, as the 0:43 mark of the video below will show:

Turns out he's not too badly hurt, so it's OK to laugh about it. Other highlights from that video: Pizarro doing some weird balancing / yoga move, Berni Bear executing a solid high-five with Shaqiri, and everyone looking sharp in their new not-quite-orange gear.

- Nevan Subotic rears his ugly head in an interview in which he boasts of "not being afraid" of FC Bayern. No one accused you of being afraid of anyone, you fucking gargoyle. You've won two straight Bundesliga championships. Be proud of what you've done, and don't worry about what we're doing over here. This just makes it sound like you have an inferiority complex.

Back with more soon. As always, feel free to email us at if you have any comments, or if you're having tech problems. If you sign up for an account and don't want to wait for the 24-hour waiting period, email me and I'll approve you quicker. Thanks for reading.

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