EURO 2012 Bracket Challenge - Group Stage Rankings (Final Update)

I will be updating this thread over the next four match days as the rankings change. Here are our rankings:

1st Place (10 point):

  • HenryBayernMalta

2nd Place (9 point):

  • Gilly
  • JJbrian

3rd Place (8 point):

  • Khaveen
  • hansdampf

  • 4th Place (7 point):

  • Major Asshole
  • George-SanFran
  • BabyBrey
  • KateL
  • alsamUraie

5th Place (6 point):

  • BayernMan
  • Anton08
  • grudnik

6th Place (5 point):

  • ChrisP31
  • Vrdo4ever
  • PalMundo
  • FCBTomas
  • Ibonier

Comments from after Group A: Well, only five people have points (and only 1 point at that) so this thing is still wide open! No one predicted that Greece would make it out of the group. Only four people predicted that Russia wouldn't make it out of the group (and three of them have points). Here's to hoping that Group B is a lot more kind to us and this bracket challenge than Group A was! Russia taught us a valuable lesson... Don't count your chickens before they hatch. So, Germany, come on and work your butts off so that we can all have points in this challenge!!!

Comments from after Group B: Well, we all have points so "yay us!" Way to go to alsamUraie for correctly predicting the placing and the teams to make it out of Group B. You have jumped to first place! To the rest of us... most of us are screwed in our predictions due to the Netherlands not making it through. The brackets are all up in the air and who makes it how far is totally up for grabs. I feel entirely embarrassed for the Netherlands... not a single point out of the group stages. How is that possible? Well, I guess we all saw how that is possible. This is why it is the group of death! There were moments during today's matches that Germany might have been knocked out if Denmark had scored again. The match was insane. Way to go to Germany for doing two new things for Germany this competition... First time to qualify for Euros with all wins and first time to make it out of group stages in the Euros with all wins. I think this marks good things for Germany. A congratulations to Lukas Podolski for (1) 100th cap, (2) Being the youngest European player ever to get 100 caps, and (3) scoring the first goal for us today! Let's see how this changes tomorrow!

Comments from after Group C: Well, I had hoped that Croatia would knock out Spain... It would have ruined my bracket but it would have been awesome. However, this group ended much the way many of us expected. Congrats to Gilly and JJbrian for taking the lead! It is all still really tight. We will see how it goes tomorrow and who "wins" at the group stages part of this bracket tournament. On a personal not, what in the hell was I thinking, predicting Sweden to go through instead of England or Ukraine? I blame this on having had a Swedish friend in High School and my dislike of the English NT. Stupid move!

Comments from after Group D: Who saw Sweden beating France? Good for them! Too bad they were already eliminated and didn't play that fired up at the start of the tournament. England were rather lucky to beat Ukraine. Perhaps I am biased, but I thought that Ukraine played the better game than England and that goal that was given is a true shame. It could have changed the entire dynamic of the game and, in consequence, the tournament. Congratulations to HenryBayernMalta for correctly predicting the placing of both teams for Group C and D. Let's see how the rest of the tournament bracket turns out.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bavarian Football Works readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bavarian Football Works editors or staff.

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