Champions League Yellow Cards(Updated 4/17)

So, people have been expressing concern about the yellow cards after this last game where words can not describe how much I did not like the ref. I pooled together what I already knew with some hard facts.

How this yellow card thing works: Once the group stages start, yellow cards are accumulated. Once a player accumulates 3 yellow cards in 3 different games, they are suspended for the next match. Every subsequent odd number of yellow cards also results in next game suspension. Unlike the World Cup, the slate is only wiped clean at the end of the season/competition.

Source: (see:Article 21)

What does this mean for Bayern? Here are the players that have cards:

1: Ribery, Tymoschuk, Rafinha, Olic, Robben

2: Kroos, Gustavo, Mueller, Boateng, Alaba, Lahm, Badstuber

3: Schweinsteiger


These players are one or two more games with out of control refs away from missing even more important matches. If only one of the players sitting on 2 yellows get their 3rd in an upcoming game, I don't think I will be overly concerned other than Boateng. However, if Kroos and Mueller or Kroos and Gustavo somehow get yellows in the same match it would make our thin bench even thinner.

Since some people asked about Real Madrid's card situation, here's their breakdown:

1: Cristiano Renaldo, Pepe, Sami Khedira, Alvaro Arbeloa, Lassana Diarra, Ricardo Carvalho, Raul Albiol, Angel di Maria, Marcelo

2: Sergio Ramos, Fabio Coentrao, Gonzalo Higuain

4: Xabi Alonso


Bayern and Real Madrid have approximately the same number of players with yellow cards, but Bayern have far more sitting at 2. Alonso and Schweinsteiger have already had their suspended matches for 3 yellows. I think the number of Bayern players(and which ones) that have 2 yellows is a definite concern during the first leg. A strong showing would hopefully help if one or more players get their third.

4/17:So, Bayern have made it to the 2nd leg without any players picking up their 3rd yellow. This is good for Bayern, since a number of players who were sitting at 2 yellows would have been difficult to replace. The 2nd leg is do or die for both teams, so cards shouldn't factor in as much as they could have the 1st leg. But if Bayern makes it to the finals, it gets difficult again since 7 players now are 1 card away from suspension(which now includes our entire starting defense).

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